To save time we Automate.
Our team is Reactive.
We value Quality.
Our workflow is Agile.
To save time we Automate.
Our team is Reactive.
We work with React and TypeScript: framework and language mix that makes projects ready for scale from the ground up.
React accelerates our development and gives fantastic composition posibilities. It also ensures that adding developers on the fly is swift and straightforward.
Teamwork is essential for delivering quality software. Having an efficient communication between project owner and development team ensures that key features will be prioritized first.
Attention to detail and good planning make great solutions. We do our research for the problems we solve. We look for the best user experience. We simply live and breathe quality.
We automate daily tasks to increase efficiency. Automation saves time and enables us to catch most of the bugs before product reaches the customer.

We use the latest technologies

Founded in 2012, QuatroDev is a trusted partner empowering businesses with technological solutions. Our development revolves around TypeScript language and React framework.

Our team is strong, multidisciplinary and has key competencies in planning, solution architecture, development and user experience.

Meet our team

Motivated to grow and move forward.

Dovydas Navickas
Full stack developer
Aurimas Gaidys
Full stack developer
Giedrius Grabauskas
Full stack developer
Donatas Bražionis
Backend developer
Martynas Žilinskas
Frontend developer
Deividas Bakanas
Frontend developer
Lina Survilaitė
Project manager

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